Darshae Kiér has top-shelf Reggaeton flavor in the release of his new single “Halasana Girl”

Jul 24, 2020 | New Music

After the bursting success of his single “Translation,” Darshae Kiér is back again with a new pop-reggaeton hit called “Halasana Girl”. This spicy reggaeton track has a unique flirty summer vibe to it.

Darshae Kiér’s vocals are very warm and adds body to the track in such a way that leaves the listener smiling and swaying. The mixing is very well-done and the production is amazing. The whistles were a very smart choice for the vibe of the track, really sets the mood. And the instruments used in Halasana Girl plays with the stereo spacing and panning really well.

There is no denying that Darshae Kiér is a force to be reckoned with, birthed from pure talent. Check out his release “Halasana Girl” today, get your body moving and grooving!

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