Nappi Devi gives you the deep vibes in the world of “Nappiii”

Jul 4, 2020 | New Music

Nappi Devi releases a new 3-song package titled “Nappiii”. This lo-fi artist from Detroit is definitely up to something, so much so, that I would say sitting on these type of tracks should be illegal. Everybody should have these on the spin like a wake-and-bake, every morning.

Lov3 is a very classic track, feels dreamy, beautifully mixed. The production tugs on your heart strings just a bit before the chorus, literally. It’s something about the guitars that hit the right ear become so much more prominent around the chorus as well. The arrangement is lyrically advanced, and his vocals flip and swerve through rapping and singing. It definitely makes you think and sink into the couch so fast, in such a way that don’t understand how you got there.

Note to Self is an instant classic as well. The production is the chillest, like a gold bag full of ice cubes. People don’t understand how much we need actual lyricism in the music industry that pushes our thought processes far past grills and guns. A vibe with meaning that keeps us coming back is what true artistry is all about. Art and expression in the purest form usually hits the listeners soul deep enough that if it doesn’t hit them now, it’ll hit them later. Discussing trauma and personality in a way that gives you a bump to get over the bump is a “yes” in my book.

5 on 2 is as real as it gets. If you don’t understand what he is talking about, you’re not from around here and this song is not for you. Racking up 4 minutes and 19 seconds in pure night-time jazz, it’s a perfect ending to the record. The lyrics, mixing, production is so smooth it makes you feel like you’re a kid on a bouncy ball, bouncing…in slow motion.

This is one of those releases that you can listen to on repeat for the rest of the summer and not complain about it. Every song gives you a different feeling, and it puts an early label on him as one of the artistic legends of Detroit and soon, the world. If he’s not dripping in millions by 2022, the music industry and the system is rigged.


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